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03 March 2011 @ 06:31 pm
A White Collar Friending Meme  
I CAN'T RESIST! :D I'm too in love with White Collar at the moment.
Besides, everybody loves new friends, right? So let's make some!

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PIMP. Please? Pretty please? ♥
with the image above:

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fill this out!

<font face="Times New Roman"><font size="4">FBI intervention!</font size></font face>

<B>Age:</b> (optional)

<font face="Times New Roman"><font size="4">The White Collar Unit</font size></font face>

<b>This is why I think White Collar is such a great show:</b>
<b>Favorite characters:</b>
<b>Favorite pairings:</b>
<b>Favorite quote(s):</b>
<b>This is what I'm looking forward to on season three:</b>
<b>And this is how I'm planning to survive the hiatus:</b>

<font face="Times New Roman"><font size="4">Outside the Anklet's Range</font size></font face>

<b>Other fandoms:</b>
<b>Favorite celebs:</b>
<b>Favorite pairings:</b>
<b>Favorite music:</b>

<b>Anything else?</b>

Current Music: blitzen trapper - futures & folly
like a glorious car crash in iambic pentameter: Oh my stars and garters!iambickilometer on March 3rd, 2011 08:31 pm (UTC)
FBI intervention!

Name: James
Age: 19
Location: California, USA

The White Collar Unit

This is why I think White Collar is such a great show: The characters are fantastic, the antics are hilarious and well-timed and occasionally nail-bitingly dramatic. The show most of the time takes to route of competent communication and has everyone actually good at what they do. When they're outwitted it's because the villain of the week is also good at what they do. The cast works so well together, and for the most part the writers are brilliant.
Favorite characters: I started listing, and then I listed them all. But I voted Jones in March Madness.
Favorite "pairings": Neal/Peter/El's the staple for me. But I like stories about Neal and Kate in the past. Also Mozzie/June.
Favorite quote(s): "I'm gonna start with your thumbs."
This is what I'm looking forward to on season three: Is "everything" a viable answer? Because yes.
And this is how I'm planning to survive the hiatus: Writing fic, in theory. Using my other fandoms to tide me over. Whining about it on the internet. Reading comics. (Getting a job, hopefully)

Outside the Anklet's Range

Other fandoms: HAH. Marvel comics (and movies), DC comics, Community, Criminal Minds, Star Trek, Supernatural, Harry Potter, certain CLAMP manga, Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Shakespeare, and honestly there are a bunch of others I'm forgetting.
Favorite celebs: Robert Downey Jr, Sir Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe (being that he is in fact the Coolest Kid Ever)... but to be honest I'm not good with celebrities. I never know names or anything.
Favorite pairings: Way too many to list here. But as a guideline: I usually find het relationships boring. (Which is not to say I never ship them, mind -- Peter and Elizabeth are the least boring! I totally ship them.) I like codependency and dysfunction, and I like the "buddy cop" dynamic. (Love me a good bromance.) Ask me about your ships. I'm a huge multishipper so chances are I'll be into at least a few of them.
Favorite music: Vienna Teng, Alex Wong, Mumford & Sons, Coyote Grace, Girlyman, Bruce Springsteen, Tears for Fears, Counting Crows, Florence + the Machine, Marina & the Diamonds, Adele, Ellie Goulding, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Bloc Party, Old Blind Dogs, The Chieftans... that's a good sampling, I think.

Anything else?
I like holding request posts or other such memes (in fact, I'm planning a nostalgia meme at the moment) so my journal does tend to be pretty interactive. If you want to follow my regular journaling, though, that's at aopt.